You can watch many Telugu movies for free on this Telugu OTT

With the technology market growing, it is evident that companies are adjusting to the trends in every market. And the advancement in technology has also affected the movie sector. With the rise of Over the Top (OTT) services, it has become much easier for the audience to stream their favorite movies from the comfort of their homes. OTT platforms are fighting to keep their subscribers by providing cost-effective plans and at the same time letting the user enjoy seamless content. But many OTT services provide quality content for free. The OTT market, which was worth ₹21.5 billion in 2018, grew to a massive ₹35 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow much more in the coming years. People are preferring OTT streaming services because of the relative easiness at which they get them. OTT platforms in India are providing diverse content from different regional languages. But people sometimes don’t find the movies they want to watch. It has been quite troublesome for the OTT services to provide so much content from one regional language. But 2020 saw a solution to that also.


Aha OTT began its services in early 2020, which provided only Telugu content to stream for free. It was a delight for South movie lovers, as they were able to stream their favorite Telugu movies for free. You can find so many blockbusters which were in Tamil or Malayalam, have been dubbed in Telugu, and are free to stream. The streaming site and app are well designed so that the customer won’t have any problem finding the kind of movies and shows (s)he wants to stream. There are an array of movies and shows to choose from. But you won’t be having any problems because of the precise search options. You can also choose the genre of the movies or shows that you want to stream. It’s as simple as that. You can find all your favorite movies without any problem. From Chiranjeevi‘s evergreen classics to Stylish star Allu Arjun‘s blockbuster action-comedy movies, the service is stuffed with movies from prominent actors of the South Indian movie industry. With many of the blockbusters already streaming on the site for free, it also acquired most of the movies which were scheduled to release on big screens but were postponed due to the pandemic and released as Aha Originals on the platform. Most of the films were critically acclaimed due to their gripping storylines and sensational acting. Some of them are Johaar, Colour Photo, Mail, Bhanumathi& Ramakrishna, which drew the attention of the audience. And with subtitles also included in the streaming, it’s no surprise that people are finding it easy to watch their favorite movies with little or no effort.

Aha has become much more than a streaming service for the people. People are happy to get a regional OTT service to stream all the movies for free and enjoy them in HD. With much more to come Aha is going to evolve into a larger force someday. So, subscribe to Aha and stream your favorite.

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