Tips to Give Your Bedroom an Ambiance Like a Hotel Room

Hotel rooms tend to have pastel colors for the walls. They are not cluttered, and the height of the furniture is carefully chosen. Cupboards are usually built-in, and they do not gather dust on the top by being built-in and are less intrusive forming part of a wall. Numerous hotels use Feng Chui principles in their overall design. For example, the bed head will never face the bathroom wall.

Yes, hotel rooms have a signature look, it is neat, bright and some are hotel rooms are a stunner. You can tell that the hotel room’s interior design looks very easy as it appears to be simple yet cozy. But hotel room designs will cost you a little bit of your penny. So, if you’re thinking of adapting this design to your bedrooms, you better be prepared financially.

To help you design your bedrooms and give them an ambiance like a hotel room. The following tips below will be good for you.

First, you can start with beige color walls with a little grey touch or warm tinted White. This color is popular in hotel rooms as it gives a feeling of cozy and comfortable. Also, paint your trim in either the same color or one shade darker than the wall paint.

Second, apply a good pattern carpet all over the place. You can find good prices with good quality at home Depot or even Walmart. If you want to spend a little less, then you might try a thrift store. The secret is to budget your money well.

Third, you can add a substantial headboard for your bed. It could be fabricated like beige or black leather with a contemporary dark wood frame. Not less than 5 inches in width. Look over the internet for the pillow-top mattress pad and a set of 1000 count white sheets. It is costly but it will be worth it.

Fourth, Buy a duvet or comforter of rich color like Mink with a couple of matching Euro Shams or throw pillows in similar tones of color. Also, find two big side lamps to put aside. Add a couple of end tables enough to support the bed. The color scheme should be a metallic Champagne color and change out the handles to metallic modern pulls or handles.

Fifth, hang the framed rectangle mirror or two over each table. The length from the height of the headboard down to the tabletops. Narrow in both mirror (26”) and frames. The frames could either be Black or Metallic. Also, add a chest of drawers with television on top.

Sixth, add a pair of Clear Glass matching lamps or hang a pair of frosted globe pendants from the ceiling in front of each mirror.

Seventh, if you still have space in your room, you can put a mini bar fridge on your desk or cupboard. You should also add three layers of curtains to your room. You have blackouts, sheers, and curtains.

Eight, buy a pair of Grey Velvet Drapery panels and hang those from the ceiling to the floor on each side of your window and match it with a roman blinds. Make sure to select your roman blinds carefully. You need to make sure that it is made to measure blinds because it should match the measurements of your window and the color combination of your roman blinds match your room.

The best choice for your window is roman blinds because they add to the style and beauty of the entire room. Roman blinds are always present in every hotel room you will go. You just need to make sure that your Roman blinds are a Solar Shade in White to cover the window. Best lighting also came from a well-chosen Roman Blinds.

Nine, Artworks with black or silver frames will add a lot. You may select two similar and pieces of artwork and hang them on a wall along the side of your bed. Hang the other one on top and the other directly below, give an inch or two space in-between.

Lastly, you may also add something to your side tables beside your lamps. It can be a picture, a small sculpture, a picture of your loved one in a Metallic Frame, and maybe a box of tissues. It can be any color, and make sure you keep items stored away and not on your chest of drawers or dresser, or side tables. If you still have room space, then add an armchair with a floor lamp behind.

That’s it! These tips will surely help you achieve that hotel ambiance you dream of for your room. Good luck and happy designing!

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