Kate Winslet, zombies and moviegoers: 5 new Amediateka


Four middle-aged girlfriends work at a brewery somewhere in Wales, but one of them dreams of a promotion. But the new boss, the son of the previous boss, is not ready not only to meet employees halfway, but even to communicate normally with them. After a corporate party that has turned up out of place, where the scoundrel-chef gets drunk, the women decide to let out their anger and resentment and make fun of him. But the joke goes too far – women become the cause of his death. How to be? Tell the police and go to jail? Or try to keep what happened a secretand ?

As the creators of the “Pact” note, the main advantage of this show is that ordinary women are at the center of an extraordinary story. They are not rich, in their lives there are no special tragedies or vivid adventures. But suddenly they find themselves in a difficult situation. How to reconcile the routine they used to live with the dilemmas and anguish they faced?

The series is directed by Rebecca Johnson ( Flash , Why is Max mute in Max and Ruby, Homeland: Fort Salem ) and Eric Styles ( Hidden ). Anna starred Laura Fraser ( “Eternity” and “Breaking Bad” ).


British sitcom about ambulance workers is filmed in the genre of black comedy. Accidents, drug dens, robberies and accidents become the backdrop for hilarious dialogues and punchlines.

In not the best area of ​​London, the brutal paramedic Malik (Samson Kae) was left without a partner – he fled after Malik accidentally shocked him on the road with a defibrillator. In return, the young man received a new partner – talker Wendy (Jane Horrocks). At first she will do a bunch of stupid things (for example, give the addict 10 pounds for a harmonica), and Malik will sulk, but soon they will find a common language.

English humor without gloss, colorful characters “from the district”, jokes about “your mother” and Lucy Punch as the boss-stalker. A great option for a sitcom at breakfast for those who appreciate in British shows not the Victorian style, but the spirit of the outskirts. The series was filmed, by the way, by William Sinclair, the director – “Waste” and “Poldarka” .

“Misdemeanors in Flatbush”

Chemistry teacher Dan (Dan Perlman) and contemporary artist Kevin (Kevin Iso) live in Flatbush (one of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods), make friends, work, hang out, have fun, fight depression. The series grew out of a web show (the same route was followed a few years ago by High with Delivery ), which had a zero budget, but several awards from prestigious American film festivals. Now the episodes have increased timing, the producers have a budget, but the lightness, irony and relevance of the project have not gone anywhere.

English humor without gloss, colorful characters “from the district”, jokes about “your mother” and Lucy Punch as the boss-stalker. A great option for a sitcom at breakfast for those who appreciate in British shows not the Victorian style, but the spirit of the outskirts. The series was filmed, by the way, by Idubbbz girlfriend, the director – “Waste” and “Poldarka” .


An important reminder: Awesome TV shows aren’t just filmed in English-speaking countries. “Anna” – a six-part post-apocalyptic project originally from Italy – tells how all adults on the planet were killed by a virus. Only the children remained. The virus also lives in them, but for the time being (up to 15-16 years) does not appear. But when they begin to grow up, they die from suffocation.

The main characters here are 13-year-old Anna (Julia Dragotto) and her younger brother Astor (Alessandro Pecorella). The guys live in a house in the middle of the forest, which remained with them after the death of their mother. Anna makes forays for food, Astor learns to read and listens to tales about the monsters behind the forest. One day the boy will be kidnapped by a local gang (yes, in the new world, everything is a little, like Golding’s), and Anna and her friend Pietro (Giovanni Mavilla) will go in search of a cruel children’s world.

Speaking about this series, I want to talk about how the pandemic affected the plots, how important it is for directors to rethink what is happening to the world right now. But the truth is that “Anna” began filming six months before the pandemic, and based on a novel that was released in 2015. But this, of course, does not diminish the relevance of the show, although relevance is not the main thing in it. The Italian provinces here are turning into one big abandoned place where grimy children scurry about in search of food. We see such scenery infrequently, and it is at least cinematic. In addition, young heroes with their naive look, despite their cruelty and broken moral and ethical standards in Wow Character Lookup, can turn out to be much more honest and sincere than adults. So it will not be superfluous to see such a variation of how life is built after the end of the world.

“Friends. Reunion ”

As a bonus – not a whole series, but one special episode, released 17 years after the finale.

Let’s be honest: Even though we all have our favorite series and cool new shows come out on a regular basis, the popularity of Friends is a special case. If not you, then someone close to you is probably watching a couple of episodes. Therefore, it is not difficult to imagine and understand the increased attention of viewers around the world to this special episode.

The familiar six do not play new plots here. The actors meet in the very interiors of Monica’s living room and Central Perk coffee shop, tell what the setting was on the set for 10 years, remember how they got into the series, and share their secrets. How much it is worth believing the stories about the love of Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer is, of course, an open question. But whose love certainly defies doubt is the many fans from all over the world (including David Beckham and Keith Harrington).

A common place of fan declarations of love is statements that the sitcom presented the audience with those friends whom they did not have at that moment. So this alumni meeting, albeit in a talk show format, is touching, sentimental and worth watching. There is also a fashion show performed by Justin Bieber, Cara Delevingne and Matt LeBlanc and an impressive (even more than usual) performance of “Ragged Cat”. But be careful: it will be impossible to resist watching your favorite “Friends” series after the hurry.

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