How to get a verify badges on like app videos

Today, I’m going to talk about Tiktok’s Features. There are various features this app had been offering since its launch back in 2015. Those features are the reason behind the success of Tiktok over these years. Now, this app is running with a whopping amount of users around the globe. People use this app as a part of life just like they did with Instagram and Facebook. Even though this app has a lot of similarities with Instagram, Tiktok has its own space on the internet right now. Its main features have discussed below.

Features of Tiktok in a nutshell

1. Likes or Hearts – As you all know, most of the social media has this option. We ‘like’ the pics, videos, and links posted by our friends and followers. We do it as an appreciation for them to post more like that. We get overwhelmed when we get lots of likes on our posts. Similarly, Tiktok has the ‘likes’ option that is also called as ‘hearts’. It has a symbol of the heart, and it is increased by one when someone hits the ‘love’ button below the post. You can get more likes by giving your username to any online likes generators.
2. Followers – If you’re a user of Instagram or Twitter, the term ‘follower’ might not be new to you. As this term is widely used on the social media, I don’t need to tell about this feature to you. A user can follow other users on Tiktok never to miss a video posted by that user. You can also follow others just to get back some followers for your page also. There’s a trend like that in any social media to give a ‘follow’ and take one ‘follow.’
3. Badges – This is the important feature that a Tiktok user can have. And this is not seen in any other social media like Instagram or Twitter. There are various badges like Verified Account badge, Popular Creator badge etc. A Verified Account badge is a symbol seen on the bottom of the profile avatars of the users on Tiktok. The admin panel gives it to the well-performing users. And it should be noted that newbie members cannot have this at the beginning stage.

Though things are like that, you can use cheats for this if you want these badges very early. There are dedicated websites for that purposes. You can make use of them if you want to attach any of the badges without waiting a longer time and that too for free.

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