German Family Reunion Visa to Join a Relative or Partner in



You will receive a letter from the IND to collect the residence permit. The IND checks whether you and your partner meet all the conditions required for the residence permit.

You are only allowed to work if your employer has a work permit for you. Your residence permit states ‘arbeid toegestaan, mits TWV verleend’ (‘work allowed, work permit required’). Your residence permit states ‘arbeid niet toegestaan’ (‘work not allowed’). Does your partner need aTWV to work, then you also need a TWV to work.

Non-British applicant’s documents

​The IND checks whether you and your partner meet all the conditions required for the residence permit. Does your partner currently have a temporary uk spouse visa requirements residence permit for stay with a family member? Or a temporary residence permit as an economically non-active long-term resident?

You should consider taking legal advice at this juncture to check your eligibility for the visa, before investing more time and money. If you were to instruct us then we would give you detailed written advice, explaining the legal requirements tailored to your specific needs.

You will need to attend the visa application centre to collect your decision and your passport. If you applied for your spouse or Partner visa from within the UK, then you will have been offered an appointment slot through the UKVCAS website. You will need to take with you your passport, appointment confirmation email, and Document Checklist. Providing supporting documents for an application submitted within the UK is, thankfully, much easier than if you are applying from abroad. There are different online application forms to complete, depending on whether you are applying from inside or outside of the UK.

See above for more information on how to meet the Financial requirement. If you have applied from outside the UK then you should, eventually, receive notification that a decision has been made.

One of these is known as Suitability, which deals with applicants who have criminal convictions, cautions and/or civil judgements or there are character or conduct issues which make it undesirable to grant them a visa.

The entry into and departure from the Schengen area can thus occur at any border crossing.

The process of applying for a Spouse Visa is now an online application using the Visa4UK service recently introduced by the government.

Victims of domestic violence can also apply for ILR if their relationship breaks down before the end of the relevant period.

Is your partner not allowed to work, then you are also not allowed to work. Does your partner have a temporary residence permit, then the end date of your residence permit matches your partner’s. If your partner is a Dutch citizen or has a permanent residence permit, your residence permit is then valid for 5 years. If you and your partner meet all the conditions, you will get a residence permit.

Spouse visan UK application form 2020 [53 things you NEED to know before submitting]

Of a temporary residence permit for stay on non-temporary humanitarian grounds? Your partner should already have lived in the Netherlands with a valid residence permit for a minimum of 1 year.

We would also explain the precise documents you need by providing you with a document checklist. When you complete your application form, you will be given a

Checklist of documents to provide. This Checklist can be misleading, as it will not necessarily be tailored towards your specific requirements.

Other conditions apply to persons with the nationality of an EU/EEAcountry or Switzerland and their family members. Refusals due to failing to meet the Financial requirement are common. They can also be the most infuriating as it is often patently obvious that the applicant has income in excess of the required amount – he or she has just failed to provide certain specified documents.


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