Banksy’s Graffiti

Banksy is an anonymous English-based street artist, political activist, and documentary filmmaker, active from the early 1990s. His satirical and subversive graffiti and street art combine dark humor with crude graffiti art executed in an unusual stenciling style. He was born in 1978 and has been painting for more than ten years. He started out with a series of black and white graffiti pieces on his mother’s car before moving to different places like Kent, London, Brighton, and Glasgow, where he first started working with different people and projects.

Although the Banksy’s work and performance are known all over the world, some of his graffiti is still unknown. The artists’ names are usually displayed on Banksy’s work, but some graffiti remains undiscovered. His graffiti has also received criticism from some. Some of his works may be too controversial to be suitable for children, or too offensive for some, especially religious groups. has criticized the work of Banksy, especially when it involves images of nudity and sexuality. Many people feel that his pieces are tasteless and pornographic. Many see him as a hypocrite, supporting the violence of the IRA, while still using crude images of women and men.

Banksy’s work can vary greatly from one piece to another. He sometimes uses stencils from his own artwork, but sometimes he uses images from the newspapers he has destroyed. His work is always based on an image and then he takes it to another level, making it even more disturbing. Sometimes he even makes use of animals and objects, such as dead cats and dogs, or other things that he believes are taboo. Other times he uses everyday objects, which have some meaning behind them, such as a bottle of paint or a piece of paper. His graffiti is never completely random. Instead, it is always an expression of his opinions, thoughts, and a personal view of life.

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