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Join the Struggle

Join the Struggle

Time Wars is an exciting universe filled with action and adventure!

In the 161st Century, the Vampires have conquered their own Homeworld of Earth, and driven Humanity into the furthest reaches of space. From our exile across the galaxy, our people use time travel technology to wage a war against Vampirekind. We must change the past the protect the future.

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Time Wars Tales fiction transports you to the universe of the Time Wars, where Human heroes battle Vampiric foes for control over history.
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Take on the role of a superpowered time traveling vampire hunter in Time Wars: Strike Team, the free RPG of espionage and teamwork. Lead your forces into battle and face your opponents in Time Wars: Supreme Command, the world's first deck-stacking game. Plunge into the Time Wars Universe and become the hero of your own story.
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The people who make Time Wars are all different, and the characters reflect the diversity of the Human species. We want to show the world that heroes come in every shape, size, color, and gender identity.
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Time Wars products transport you to the front lines of the Time Wars!

Supreme Command

The World's First Deck-Stacking Game

Time Wars Tales

Books and stories set in the exciting Time Wars Universe!

Strike Team

The free RPG of time travel, team work, and espionage.


Time Wars was created in 2010 when Bijhan Valibeigi wrote her own role playing game system tailor made for her playing group. The adventures those friends explored became the foundation of the Time Wars Universe. Now you can read Time Wars stories, and play lots of Time Wars games, including the original RPG, still free to download, which is always being updated and improved.

Growing up, Bijhan never saw people like her in the science fiction and fantasy she loved. There just aren't many trans Muslim characters in science fiction. So Time Wars is dedicated to creating heroes of every shape, size, and background.

Our Amazing Team

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Bijhan Valibeigi

Creator, Owner, Author, and Game Designer

Mia Gipson

Graphic Designer

RaeRae Sachs

Accessibility Director